Boat rental on the Silkeborg lakes

Boat rental on the Silkeborg Lakes

At Lakefishing Denmark we offer you first class boat rental on the Silkeborg lakes. All our fishing holidays include: Professional boat, 16ft fibreglass, double-bottomed – unsinkable, with environmentally friendly 6 horsepower, 4 stroke motor. Fitted with 3 comfortable, rotating seats. Frontmount Electric motor, with I-pilot including battery, Hummindbird Echo-sounder, multi-coloured with dual beam and side imaging, built-in freshwater-tank/bait box, regulation inflatable life-jackets, anchor and one tank of fuel


We offer the following packages: 

Package 1 – Weekend: Fishing incl. boat and equipment, excl. accommodation:

Price for a weekend (Sat+Sun) kr. 1700,- incl. VAT. (euro 227,-)


Package 2 – Week: Fishing incl. boat and equipment, excl. accommodation: 

Price for a week (Sat – Fri) kr. 3800,- incl. VAT (euro 509,-)


Package 3 – Weekdays: Fishing incl. boat and equipment, excl. accommodation: 

Price for weekdays  kr. 1000,- incl. VAT. (Euro 150,-)


**You will need to pick up the boat at Lakefishing Denmark. Putting the boat in the water and taking it out cost kr. 100,- (euro 14) each time, unless you have a special agreement with Franz Bodum. 


Additional equipment (optional):

There is the opportunity to buy/hire additional or supplementary special equipment for anglers – such as rods and reels.

Remember – in order to fish the Silkeborg lakes you will need to buy the State’s fishing license and a fishing license to the specific lake(s). Alternatively, you can aquire the fishing licence to the lakes from Franz Bodum.


Buy licence here: Angler Fishing Licence (required)

Buy licence here: Licence to the Silkeborg Lakes (required)


A fishing trip on the Silkeborg lakes is something you need to experience at  first hand. With a rental boat you can experience the lakes on your own or with one of our experienced guides. Boat rental on the Silkeborg lakes is a great opportunity for fishermen who do not have their own boat! See you on the water!

Tight lines, Franz Bodum .