Guided fishing trip


  • Professional fishing boat with guide (max. 3 persons) per day ( kl. 8 – 17) EUR 400,- Book


At Lakefishing Denmark we know exactly what is required to have a successful guided fishing trip. We have specialised ourselves in lake fishing, and have expert knowledge about gear, equipment and hotspots so that your chances for a successful fishing trip are raised significantly.

If it is your first time on the Silkeborg lakes or Stege / Møn it is a good idea to hire a guide on the first day. The lakes are very big and for a beginner it can be very hard to find the fish.


Guided fishing trip


On a guided fishing trip you will learn about:

  • How to optimize your fishing by using your echosounder, E-Motor und GPS device.
  • How to improve your fishing techniques.
  • The importance of the weather. How it affects your fishing and how you take advantage of it.
  • How to choose the right lures on the day.


Buy licence here: Angler Fishing Licence (required)

Buy licence here: Licence to the Silkeborg Lakes (required)


A guided fishing trip on the Silkeborg lakes or Stege / Møn is a guarantee of great nature experiences. We cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, but we will do whatever it takes in order for you to have a great fishing trip. We will be looking forward to welcoming you to the great venues of Silkeborg and hopefully, you will have the best fishing days of your life.

Tight lines, Franz Bodum